07.12.2010 Alkaline Trio at the Vans Warped Tour Hartford

For years I had considered seeing Alkaline Trio anytime they came to Connecticut but little birdies kept chirping in my ears that the “sucked live”. After watching their entire Warped Tour set, I can see why some people may disparage their live performance. The band is a power trio which means they do not exactly crowd the stage. In addition, Matt Skiba and company are not as young as they once were so movement is sparse. This makes for a not very visually stunning set but musically the band is as good as their albums. In their nine song set, the band played classics like “Stupid Kid”, “Private Eye”, and “In Vein”. They also mixed in tracks from this years This Addiction album including “Dine Dine My Darling” and “In Vein”. They closed their set with “97”.
MP3: Alkaline Trio “Warbrain”

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