10.28.2010 OK Go at the Webster Theatre Hartford

There aren’t many bands that I attempt to see every time they tour my area, but OK Go tends to be one of them. Damian Kulash and company never fail to disappoint. Their performances are generally hallmarked by impeccable energy, stunning costuming, and pure precision. On this particular tour, the band is touring in colored suits. Lead singer, Damian Kulash was decked out in his all blue suit while flanked to his left was bassist Tim Nordwind in all yellow. Yellow is not easy to pull off but Nordwind never fails to look snazzy. Stage right, guitarist Andy Ross wore an all red suit while drummer Dan Konopka donned an all green suit. The quartet took the stage in Hartford, CT just a little after 10 pm on the unseasonably warm October night in Hartford, CT.
They kicked off their set with their 2006 single, “Do What You Want?” As has become a customary with their recent live show, the song was accompanied by a myriad of confetti cannon blows. The confetti cannons were used unsparingly throughout the show making me think that OK Go has to be one of the world’s largest buyers of confetti. After the show, I was still picking confetti out of my hair, hoodie, and pockets.
The group blazed through a set that included their latest single “White Knuckles” and older singles like “Don’t Ask” from their debut album, “A Million Ways”, “Invincible”, and “Here It Goes Again” from their sophomore album Oh No.
They closed their set with their debut single “Get Over It” to a large crowd ovation. The band took a small break before coming out for three song encore comprised of three songs from their 2010 album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. They played “WTF?”, “In the Glass”, and ending with “This Too Shall Pass”.
The set list was great but my only concern with the show is the path OK Go seems to be heading down. Their show was decidedly marked with kitschy novelties. The confetti cannons make for quite a spectacle and dry ice is an arena rock staple but then during the show they handed out 3D glasses and played the music video for their latest single “White Knuckles”. They also did a rendition of “Return” completely on hand bells. While the other band members put the hand bells away, Damien took his mic stand, acoustic guitar, and soapbox in to the middle of the audience to play “Last Leaf”. While one or two of these novelties are cool, OK Go seems to be boarding on going overboard and completely derailing any type of fluidity to their show.
With that said, I will still see OK Go every time they hit the Northeast. They manage to always put together a great set list and almost always seem to be having as much fun as the audience they are playing to.

MP3: OK Go “Return (on hand bells, live from Hartford)”

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