A Day To Remember: What Separates Me From You

A Day To Remember: What Separates Me From You
Florida has produced some of the most prominent punk and hardcore bands of the last decade. Florida can claim hardcore acts Poison the Well and Shai Hulud as well as punk acts like Hot Water Music and Yellowcard. Perhaps that is why it is no shock that newer Florida bands seem to be an amalgam of the two scene. One of these bands is A Day to Remember. Over the past half-decade the band has flawlessly mixed the two genres and they continue to do so on their fourth album, What Separates Me From You.
It takes a little while to get your bearings when listening to What Separates Me From You. The opening track “Sticks & Bricks” is the heaviest track on the album. It sounds much closer to Victory Records‘ labelmates Bury Your Dead than to their general poppy songwriting.
The lastluster opening is quickly replaced by the catchy tunes they are known for. “It’s Complicated” is reminiscent of Where You Want to Be-era Taking Back Sunday with a strong emphasis on catchy hooks and underemphasis on screamy elements. The lyrics are even TBS-esque with lines like “I’ll keep to myself/avoid the sun/and cancel plans with everyone I know”. The dynamics make for one of the most successful tracks on the album.
Ultimately, I like What Separates Me From You but maybe because it reminds me of the early 00s emo scene. It brings back fond memories of high school and listening to music that I now consider guilty pleasure. The music is catchy, the lyrics are melodramatic, and it makes for a solid album.
Rating: 7.7/10
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