Absofacto “Light Outside”

A nice, refreshing treat of a song here thanks to Absofacto. Sounding at moments like a bright shiny indie-pop-rock band from the 90’s (Oasis maybe?) but also sporting a modern electronic flair (kinda Gorillaz-ish), “Light Outside” is a joy to listen to from start to finish. Even the bridge adds to the mood rather than Absofacto just mailing it in for those 8-16 bars like many an artist does. The song is carefully constructed, and should appeal to both top 40 fans and discerning indie-heads alike. Plus, don’t we set the clocks ahead in a week or two? It’ll certainly be light outside as this song continues to pick up speed and find it’s way onto all the upcoming spring and summer playlists. Good timing all around on this one.