Action Bronson “Blue Chips 2” Tour Kickoff

action-bronson-blue-chips-2-tour-kickoffThe Blue Chips 2 tour started strong at Irving Plaza in NYC, bringing Party Supplies and Action Bronson together to perform every song off the Blue Chips 2 mixtape. The critically acclaimed album combined a highly eclectic group of beats – from 70’s soul to the Little Mermaid soundtrack – to meet the lyrical creativity of Action Bronson with remarkable results. Hearing this live, and experiencing the showmanship of Bronson, is unmissable.

Party Supplies played a set of their danceable indie-rock to get things started. It was an odd choice of opener, since the crowd was decidedly interested in hip hop. The upbeat electric guitars got a few people dancing, but overall the crowd was there for Bronsolino. Just before Party Supplies last song, the crowd began to chant “Bronson, Bronson”. It was awkward when Party Supplies jus kept playing.

When Bronson did take the stage, it was epic. He entered to the larger-than-life beat of “Action Silvarado”, and it perfectly matched his giant stage presence.

At one point Action stopped to recognize that not only is this the kickoff of his national tour, but his mom was in the crowd. Everyone cheered this special moment, and then got right back into the music.

TDE’s own Ab Soul came out to help Bronson perform “Through the Eyes of a G”, and he delivered his verse flawlessly:

A key element of any Action Bronson show is his walks through the crowd. Much like a professional wrestler, he jumped off stage and slowly moved through the crowd. As his DJ let the beats ride out, Action worked his way toward the bar in the very back of the venue, taking pictures and giving daps the whole way. He comes across as the people’s champ, and the audience of mostly young white boys are a natural fanbase for the lyrical and theatrical elements of an Action Bronson show.

While the show did have some hiccups – at one point Action stated he “fucked up” and had to “bring the beat back” – the overall energy is incredible. I would happily see another show at the end of the tour where the set is fully polished, and maybe a stronger opener is added. It’s undeniable Action has the lyrical fire, and the Blue Chips 2 tour establishes that he can pull off his tricky verses live.

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