Premiere: Alex Yasenev “Let You Go”

Producer, Alex Yasenev is preparing to release his new single, “Let You Go” on December 2nd. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the track.

“Let You Go” is a bit of a concept track with a story to tell. Yasenev describes it as “set in the future where a tyrannical king has taken a man’s lover hostage. The man tries desperately to rescue her, but is ultimately thwarted and sentenced to death. The king’s android army is to throw him off the king’s spaceship while his lover watches in horror. The only way to save him is for her to vow her loyalty to the king and sever all ties with the man she loves.”

The dramatic tale is represented in the epic house track. Mixing elements of future bass and tech house, the track features menacing synth bass and ambient chopped up vocals. Such a sad story has never made for a better dance track.

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