Premiere: August York “Young” (Official Music Video)

Nashville based folk/pop duo, August York released their album, Swimming Upstream back in October. The album’s latest single is “Young,” a romantic tracks that finds the dueling male/female vocals soaring through emotive melancholy. Surviving the Golden Age is proud to debut the track’s music video. Produced by James Guerra and Johnathan Wade, the track follows exes at a party. Neither of them are comfortable with the others presence. Lead singer, Rachel Tucker locks herself in the bathroom to give herself a pep-talk and freshen up her makeup. Meanwhile her male counterpart, Mckendree Tucker is hit on by another woman. Rachel does the logical thing and lays on the pool table so no one can have fun followed by standing in front of couples who are trying to have their photos taken. Of course like all good thing, the party comes to an end and Mckendree realizes the error of his ways as he is cleaning up the mess. My guess is the next step is cleaning up his life to get back together with Rachel.

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