Awolnation: Megalithic Symphony

Awolnation: Megalithic Symphony
LA-based Awolnation is described as a “band” in their press releases but the truth is that it is the brainchild of one man, Aaron Bruno. Bruno released his 2010 debut EP, Back from Earth. The EP garnered a fair amount of attention and now a year later, Awolnation releases their debut full length album, Megalithic Symphony.
Megalithic Symphony is being released on Red Bull Records, a fitting partner in crime for Awolnation. What better band for an energy drink to release the album of than a band who seemingly only goal is to make you sweaty?
The album kicks off with “Soul Wars”, a track that finally bridges the gap between 90s alternative rock like Local H and dance-punk like LCD Soundsystem. The track has a mild amount of the 90s angst but is overwhelmed with an arena-size fist pumping chorus and new millennium dance pathos.
Those same elements seem to be at work through the majority of the album. A song like “Kill Your Heroes” sounds like a late 90s dream collaboration between Third Eye Blind and Robbie Williams. Other songs have a slightly more modern edge like “People” which sounds like The Killers mixed with MGMT.
It seems no matter what Awolnation is doing, there are always two things present: catchy hooks and lots of energy. For his genre of music that is all you really need to get by. The lyrics are not always the best but my guess is not many people are buying Megalithic Symphony to hear Bob Dylan incarnate; they are buying it to have something to party to and Awolnation delivers.
Rating: 8.2/10
MP3: Awolnation “Soul Wars”
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