Bad Cop: Hello Mr. Sunshine

Hello Mr. Sunshine debut album from Nashville’s very own indie rich eclectic band, Bad Cop. Hello Mr. Sunshine holds true to its name by delivering a citric sweet sound. While saturating our ears with feel good all over themes, “Hello Mr Sunshine” gifts us a high quality, lyrically enticing album. Lead vocalist Adam Christopher Moult, takes us for a retro rich ride as his voice tantalizes us with naughty themes of love, tumultuous relationships and love for all the “Coco Sue”s of the world. Featuring ten songs, Hello Mr. Sunshine feeds us with a consistent electric vibe that will evoke the emotions, to grab the closest person, kiss them! Bad Cop, easily aligns with bands such as The Killers, Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon, but casually wrapped into one, creating an originally charismatic narrative of their own.

Opening track, “Alvi Class,” starts with a transient wave, instantly dropping an electric heavy upbeat tempo. The track gives a brilliant forewarning of the rollcoaster we are about to experience from Bad Cop. Listening to the lyrics “I just want to be happy and lay with you all my days,” there is a certain love bliss to the track. Mid-album we are treated to “Disco Ball;” this song has the ability to resonate, boasting lyrics like “One minute you’re running out, next minute, you’re calling me”. To hear songs narrating the male trajectory of a woman’s sassiness and “moderate craziness,” and how he’s actually enticed by “crazy” antics, is always a treat to the ears. “Teenage Fantasy,” a drum heavy, classic rock sound, engrossed with its easy tempo and thumping beat, we again hear some pretty lippy lyrics about the escapades of a love that resembles the easiness of a teenage fantasy. The last song on the album “Green Eyes” is nothing short of a musical drug, a high, that will place the listener in a music euphoria. Heavy guitar sound, rad drums, and vocals that brilliantly transition from a soothing rasp to harmonic shout! Hello Mr. Sunshine is an easy all track listen.

Hello Mr. Sunshine has the ability to sweep the listener into a “cool” mode. Listening to this album consistently makes you want to put on a dark pair of Ray Ban’s and rock out to the rich retro beats. There are a host of interpersonal lyrics that seem so relatable, you will wonder if the lyrics were meant just for you. An invigorating taste of love, Hello Mr. Sunshine is worth the ride. So original in themes, Hello Mr. Sunshine, speaks to its listeners with the intent to create a music solace with permission to dive right in.

Rating: 8.4/10

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