Bear in Heaven: Time Is Over One Day Old

Time Is Over One Day Old is Bear in Heaven’s fourth full length album and fourth consecutive album with an enigmatic name. The Brooklyn outfit has put out a steady stream of synthy, psychedelic indie rock, though that probably makes their music seem a little more fun than it really is. 2012’s I Love You, It’s Cool was a solid album with one home run of a song in “Sinful Nature.” That album’s greatest moments were its occasional instances of transcendent indie rock-electronic blends. But on Time Is Over One Day Old, those moments are fewer and farther between and it ultimately makes for a forgettable album.

The album opens with “Autumn,” which introduces the album’s flair for big, towering production. It takes on an arena rock sound, yet manages to feel a bit empty. “They Dream” has a similarly overpowering sound. The more intricate, experimental songs are where the band is most successful. “If I Were to Lie” and the closer, “You Don’t Need The World,” are highlights, full of interesting hooks and more soulful tones.

Everything else around these highlights feels like filler. It’s music made with care by talented people, but it only rarely feels inspired or memorable. I still think this band is capable of great work, but only if they transition away from traditional rock music and experiment more.

Rating: 5.2
MP3: Bear in Heaven “If I Were to Lie”

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