Bee vs Moth: Acronyms

beevsmothBee vs Moth: Acronyms
Austin, Texas band Bee vs Moth is a group of five musicians who blend jazzy, improvisational music with rock. At times it feel like you’ve got one ear on a rock concert while the other is on a musical. At times, the two combine. But there’s always something going on with their new album Acronyms.
“Now More Than Ever” kicks off with a march-like beat on the drums and then everything plays opposites. Utilizing guitars, saxophones, trumpets, clarinets, etc. the quintet becomes a bit mischievous and playful. It reminds me of brothers and sisters. When one or two instruments go off more festive, the others become serious and slow. Then they trade positions and keep going back and forth. Movements are felt throughout this song.
But the rest of the album has the same feel. Songs never stay just fast, or just slow. They continually mix things up. “Tuesday in Tuskegee” keeps the trip going. Only here, we find the warm, soothing saxophone to jump front and center only for the guitar to join in with a surf-rock feel to it. I usually find jazz to be far too repetitive, but what Bee vs Moth do here is exciting with new twists and turns ahead.
“ICP on Parade” kicks of with an uppity horns set. Something about it reminds me of “Flight of the Bumblebee” and it’s probably for that reason that I feel the song could have appeared on the Kill Bill soundtrack. The horns do their thing with the other instruments joining in before you hear a stumble and the whole thing picks up again anew. When it slows down, the guitar takes over giving you that feel of the opening to “Kill Bill Vol. 1”. And that’s my point. No matter what section of this song you listen to, it could easily appear in that film.
All over, the album reminds me of Combustible Edison on a smaller scale. The jazz/rock fusion is fun to listen to and at times challenges the listener as to whether what you hear makes sense. But the movements throughout always add some of Emeril’s “BAM!” to the mix and spice it up a notch. The musicians are all talented and it comes through on Acronyms. Be sure to keep an eye out for more of their work.
Rating: 7.8/10
MP3: Bee vs Moth “Tuesday in Tuskegee”
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