Billie Joe Armstrong: No Fun Mondays

Throughout this year, in the midst of the consistent madness, Billie Joe Armstrong gifted us with the cover album we never knew we wanted. No Fun Mondays was born from his time in quarantine when Armstrong was feeling a little extra thankful for the people in his life that he wasn’t able to see as often anymore. At the start of the project, the rock legend went on to discuss its purpose –

“Dear friends.. While we’ve all been in quarantine I’ve been reflecting on the things that matter the most in my life. Family, friends and of course music. I recorded a cover of Tommy James and the Shondells ‘I think we’re alone now’ in my bedroom. I figure if we have to spend this time in isolation at least we can be alone together. Love BJ.”

The 14-track album features classics like “Manic Monday” and “Kids In America,” each and every song only seasoned to perfection by the musical brilliance that makes Armstrong so stand-alone. A really balanced mixture of fun songs brought together from different genres and introduced back into the public to enjoy from a brand new perspective – this cover album is just the right amount of refreshing that we needed this year. If you’re a fan of Green Day, you’ll be a fan of No Fun Mondays. One of the most distinctive elements of the band was Armstrong’s inimitable and highly recognizable vocals, and bringing that into other classics that are loved by so many is a bold move that definitely impressed.

Fans of Gerard Way‘s The Umbrella Academy will be particularly pleased, as the Green Day rocker also decided to get exceptionally unapologetic and shred on his guitar, adding his own flair to the Tiffany hit “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Armstrong’s cover of this late 80’s classic is arguably the most popular one on the entire album, receiving the most attention from music news sources and YouTube searchers.

Some might say that making a cover album is playing it too safe, but it’s just the right amount of nostalgia and “comfort music” that the world needs right now. No Fun Mondays is one of the things about 2020 that reminded listeners to keep their chins up, and by the time the world settles down a bit we’ll all still be jamming to these stellar covers.

Rating: 7.5/10

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