Bilmuri: American Motor Sports

What do Kevin James, slow country ballads, and a saxophone have in common? They can all be found on Bilmuri’s new album American Motor Sports. Self proclaiming their style as “Dethcore/ambient/post-jazz from MURICA”, Johnny Franck has created a band that pushes the boundaries of every genre they pull from. You want a song that makes you want to slow dance in a country dance hall? Try “MISS ME”. A power ballad that reminds you that maybe you shouldn’t go back to your ex? “ALL GAS (Feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)” is your ticket.

The phrase “less is more” is not found in Bilmuri’s dictionary. Franck’s ability to create an album that humors the listener with songs like “EMPTYHANDED (feat. Dylan Marlowe)” which starts out with a metalcore riff, turned into a country ballad, with an extra splash of guitar riffs, and lastly a Kevin James sample that welcomes a breakdown. Then in turn, give you a sentimental story about his battle with sobriety in “DRUNK ENOUGH”.

While stylistically this album leans more country, there are still hints of the original Bilmuri. Franck’s clean vocals, the body moving guitar solos from Reese Maslen, and Gabi Rose’s iconic saxophone solos still find their way and mesh perfectly into the ever evolving Bilmuri catalog. That is one of my favorite things about this band, Franck and team never fail to keep you guessing, which allows listeners old and new to easily join the “MURI NAYSH”. Falling in line with their branding for this album, Bilmuri’s album American Motor Sports is all gas and no brakes, placing first under the checkered flag and adding yet another great album to their discography.

Rating: 9.5/10

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