Blackbear: Cybersex

Cybersex is the sexual arousal using computer technology, also the title of fourth solo album from behind the scenes producer/writer turned industry headliner, Blackbear. Cybersex holds true to its album title, enticing and teasing the listener with an array of sexy sing alongs and club tunes. Not many music artists can coast from genre to genre, all the while altering from singing to rapping as Blackbear does so well. Drake is the king of the music genre coasting paradigm, Blackbear joins this paradigm notably comparing himself to the omnipresent and multi-dimensional rap star throughout his new album. Although comparable to Drake, Blackbear maintains his own music style. Cybersex has something for everyone, ranging from “high end luxury rap” with features from Rick Ross, to “emo rap”, and a pop vibe with tracks potentially to become frat party favorites. The album features an all star team of collabs featuring Ne-yo, 2 chainz, Cam’ron, T-Pain and Tinashe. With songs about heartbreak, sharing of industry hoes, pink Timbs, cocaine fueled nights, and anxiety, listeners get a vivid lyrical depiction of the Cali rockstar lifestyle.

Cybersex starts with “Gucci Linen” a pouncey trap play featuring 2 Chainz, an obvious ode to fucking pretty girls on very expensive sheets; it is safe to label the song “luxury rapping.” 2 Chainz does the favor of dropping tasteful bars, adding a trap wave. Another attention grabbing track is “Bright Pink Timbs,” featuring Cam’ron, who once again throws shots directly at Kanye West. The hook alone lets you know if you rock Yeezys, please forget about a friendship with Blackbear. Not quite sure if I can call this an actual beef, since Kanye has yet to respond to Cam’ or Blackbear. “Bright Pink Timbs” is an exacerbation of the growing animosity towards Kanye, which Came’ron aggressively expresses on his recent mixtape, The Program. Kanye, what the hell did you do now? The music culture needs a response!

Moving on mid-album we get a pop experience, full of catchy hooks and autotuned vocals. “Anxiety,” a track about an ex-lover whose shitty antics give Blackbear the “I wish I never fucking met you” feeling. The use of auto-tune adds depth and character to the crisp pop sound. “Anxiety,” “I Hope Your Life Sux” and the repetitive interlude “Froze Over” are for sure sing along anthems, evoking past memories of that sucky ex, we have all experienced.

Blackbear has claimed a well earned spot, with his cocky cool kid demeanor, long music history behind the scenes, and the continuous production of quality sounds. He is vastly acquiring a high ranging fan base. Having the ability to be highly relatable to his growing audience, Blackbear has turned himself into a money making brand. The billboard of him on Santa Monica and La Cienega doused in pink Rag and Bone hat and t-shirt covered in tattoos, is a polite way to let you know he is here to stay. Tracks with a full spectrum of versatility, lyrical diversification, and well produced inclusive hits, Cybersex is worth the listen.

Rating: 8.0/10

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