Premiere: Briget Boyle “Mandolin”

Oakland area singer/songwriter, Briget Boyle is preparing to release her new LP, Heartbreak Residue on April 21st via Waxsimile Productions. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the new single, “Mandolin.”

For a song called “Mandolin,” there is absolutely no mandolin on the track. I think it is because Boyle is talking about a mandoline (or in British english, mandolin) which is the cooking utensil used to make thin slice of vegetables and what not. I say this because firstly, she is in a grocery store on the cover of the single and secondly, there is talk of cooking in the song.

As Briget puts it, “Mandolin” is “about the end of a relationship and noticing the things that were left behind.” She illustrates this by singing about staring off while at the stove, thinking about the life she once lived and how it has changed.

It is a rousing song filled with some heartbreaking lyrics but ultimately she is okay.

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