Premiere: BUHU “Coastareka”

Austin, TX’s BUHU are released their debut full-length Relationshapes nearly a full year ago. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their first post- Relationshapes single, “Coastareka.” The song has a pretty definitive 80s vibe from the plucky bass to the whirling synths that sound straight out of a 1982 Missing Persons’ recording session. Straddling the line between new wave and post-punk makes “Coastareka” feel retro but with the unmistakable modernity of Ableton Live. Whatever lies in wait for BUHU’s second album, it sounds like a party.


  • John Paul II says:

    I don’t know so much… this could be one of the worst songs I’ve heard so far in 2017. Not really much going on for this band. Yeah…. they are from Austin… oh that’s cool. But really where is the chorus? This song is a cluster fuck.

  • Dan Tantom says:

    I think it’s good! There doesn’t really seem to be a chorus as much though. It’s more of a repetitive hook with whirling synths/instruments. It reminds me of B52s or Talking Heads or something. I like it!

  • Jem says:

    Cool song. Especially the ending. Sounds a little busy at times but the more I listen, the more I like it.

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