Cafeine: New Love

Montreal-based artist Xavier Cafeine released his new record, New Love through Indica Records earlier this February. “Electric,” the album’s single is upbeat, lively, and never stops pumping, as the rest of New Love follows suit.

As both a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Xavier Cafeine, better known in Quebec as a vital part of their pop-punk culture, is fluent in both English and French. Having already made a huge dent in both the French underground, and popular media culture with his first two albums Mal Eduqué Mon Amour and Giselle, New Love is filled with catchy, anthem driven songs able to reach the ears of Americans as well.

Reminded of a recent heartbreak, New Love is not forlorn or weepy, but exactly the opposite. It is a joyous victory over heartbreak. An exciting and upbeat proclamation of winning against the odds of feeling broken down and shut off. On “Left For Dead” Xavier sings, “Thank you for leaving/I’m finally free/am finally home” over a woozy guitar slide and punchy drums. We are reminded of the plus side to a breakup, the positives of an ending relationship. “Love Disease” is filled with power chords and holiday bells. Xavier belts out a love song in French on “Lettre d’amour” and instead of trying to decipher the lyrics of a language unfamiliar to you, it is easy to enjoy the repetitive guitar riffs and the poppy beat.

New Love is simple in style and in lyricism. Xavier’s message of ‘love and relationships are hard and sometimes they end, but it is okay’ is crystal clear. There is no searching for meaning within New Love, but simplicity, most often the opposite of how relationships are, is sometimes easier and better.

Rating: 6.5/10
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