Cap D: PolyMath

Cap D: PolyMath
Cap D is one of the biggest figures in Chicago’s underground hip hop scene. As the owner of All Natural, Inc, Cap D has released albums by artists like Primeridian, MC Adad, and Mr. Green Weedz. On his latest album, PolyMath Cap D teams up with some of his famous friends to create a hip hop tour-de-force.
From first the track, it is apparent that this is not your standard underground hip hop album. “King of the Mountain” is produced by Illmind who is best known for his work with Little Brother and Boot Camp Clik. The production features electric guitar and horns giving it an epic sound; the vibe reminds me of Jay-Z’s “U Don’t Know”. Lyrically, Cap D presents a gritty autobiography. The track features Brother Ali who raps about his personal struggle to the top. The track really sets the tone for the rest of the album.
The production just keeps getting better as the album goes on. The biggest name is No I.D. but the album features production from Battletek, Proh Mic, and Blended Babies among others.
The vibes on the album bounce between gritty tracks like “King of the Mountain” and more playful tracks like “Think”. “Think” is yet another Illmind produced track that is based around a sped-up soul sample that has an almost childlike feel to it. Although lyrically the track is a fairly serious look at the hustlin game, the beat keeps it feeling perhaps more light-hearted than it should be.
As a whole, Cap D delivers a near modern classic with PolyMath. There are a couple more R&B-tinged tracks towards the end of the album that are inadmissible but otherwise everything aligns perfectly. The production is solid and Cap D manages to tell some great stories while staying away from the ever cliche bragging.
Rating: 8.0/10
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