Casket Girls: The Night Machines

‘Supernatural’ – a one-word description of the Casket Girls, and their latest LP The Night Machines. It is as if these sisters from Savannah belong to some sort of fantasy world, living amongst spiritualists and mystics, being alien to our own Earth. Phaedra and Elsa Greene, with their instrumentalist Ryan Graveface, describe themselves as “virtually reclusive”, and indeed, such isolation from the rest of humanity is reflected in their music.

Whilst The Night Machine’s spiralling synths and eerie tones are somewhat distant and spooky to us, it is difficult to stop listening. The Greenes and Graveface balance mysticism with intrigue, created by catchy vocals, powerful beats and gentle sci-fi sound throughout eleven gripping tracks. Whilst some of these tracks burst into layers of distortion and swirls, others produce raw and slower tones that keep the listeners immersed in a futuristic whirlwind.

The head-bop, foot-tapping beats of “Night Life” show off Graveface’s sensitive yet powerful instrumentalist skills, whilst the next track “Mermaid Cottage” boasts the sisters’ vocal prowess. Unlike many synth-heavy albums, the vocals are mostly not drowned out, nor do they clash with harsh and unexpected sounds. Towards the end of their tracks, however, the vocals do surrender to Graveface’s instrumentals – whether this is effective or not is down to the personal opinion. Nevertheless, The Night Machine is made more unforgettable and powerful as a result of the melodic instruments and beats accompanying the sisters’ voices.

The Casket Girls certainly produce unique music. All the tracks are individual, yet equally powerful, in whirlwinds of graceful vocals and entrancing sounds. The eerie sense of the Greene sisters only adds to the mysticism of their music, heightening our interest and intrigue, slipping us into the supernatural world of their own.

Rating: 7.0/10

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