Cassettes Won’t Listen: Evinspacey

Cassettes Won’t Listen: Evinspacey
One-man electronic projects are nothing new. Like many projects, Cassettes Won’t Listen made his name by releasing EPs online and doing remixes for artists like RJD2, Mr. Lif, and Pigeon John. Despite that rapper-filled remix list, Cassettes Won’t Listen has very little hip hop influence at all as exhibited on his third full length album, EVINSPACEY.
What EVINSPACEY really showcases is an eclectic taste in electronic genres. In my first listen of the album, I had pegged Cassettes Won’t Listen as a simple Dntel wannabe but deeper listening proved me wrong.
The album’s lead single is “Perfect Day.” The production reminds me a little of James Yuill with a mixture of acoustic guitars and electronic beats. Cassettes Won’t Listen’s voice is a little higher than Yuill’s and has almost a Ben Gibbard-esque quality to it.
While the song has a “single” feel to it, it comes off as a little bland. Part of the reason for this is Cassettes Won’t Listen’s voice. His voice is passable but there is very little in it to give it character. I listen to a track like “Pick Me Out” which has a definite dubstep influence. The track should be one of the best on the album but the vocal take is so mundane that it actually makes the track just seem more subdued than it actually is.
In the end, EVINSPACEY should really be a better album than it is. Perhaps Cassettes Won’t Listen should consider using more guest vocalists to make that aspect of the album more dynamic; otherwise I am afraid there are more gripping one-man electronic projects in the world.
Rating: 5.3/10
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