Ceschi: The One Man Band Broke Up

Ceschi: The One Man Band Broke Up
New Haven, CT rapper, Ceschi releases The One Man Band Broke Up, a full album collaboration with Berlin, Germany producer DJ Scientist. How does a Connecticut rapper hook up with a producer from half a glob away? Apparently the two connected in 2005 and bonded over mutual adoration for 70s psychedelic rock, prog rock, and 90s hip hop. If that story does not give you a hint as to the sound of The One Man Band Broke Up, I do not know what will.
The esoteric influences can be felt from the get-go. Opening track “The One Man Band Broke Up” is in 3/4 time and features Beatles-esque horns. The serves as more than just an album opener but also as the introduction to the album’s concept. Loosely, the album follows a character named Captain Julius, a musician. The album follows Julius’ rise and fall. Not every track revolves around Captain Julius but a few do.
“Lament for Captain Julius” allows Ceschi to show that he is more than just a rapper; he is an multi-instrumentalist and singer as well. The track features Ceschi singing and playing acoustic guitar, bass, synth, banjo, and ukulele. The track is all right on its own but it kind of breaks up the album’s feel.
Most of the tracks on the album is hip hop reminiscent of Busdriver mixed with Aesop Rock. Stand out tracks like “No New York” shows off Ceschi’s wit and self-deprecating humor. The track features equally off-beat rapper Astronautalis.
In the end, Ceschi wanders off the beaten path a few too many times for my personal taste. If it was just Ceschi rapping, the album would be near perfect but too many singing tracks mires the album in mediocrity.
Rating: 5.7/10
MP3: Ceschi featuring Astronautalis “No New York”
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