Chloe Charles: Little Green Bud

chloecharlesChloe Charles: Little Green Bud
Chloe Charles released a five song EP on September 21st entitled Little Green Bud. She has been compared to Erykah Badu and Bjork. While vocally, she sure does sound like the two, I’d have to compare her music more to Enya. She uses rich, warm strings in a symphonic way. And piano creates contrasting, sharp spikes here and there.
In fact, her music carries movements to them, akin to what the classical musicians created so long ago. They are quite complex, and carry you through various emotions throughout. All undertone a hint of spring, and winter melting away as the title suggests. It makes me think of Vivaldi with his Four Seasons where each arrangement was meant to represent one of the seasons.
The track “Water”, for instance, uses the piano to imitate the trickling of water. The cadence mimics the flow of water as it skips back and forth sliding down, what I picture, as a rocky surface. At other moments, a single, high note plays at a timed interval sounding as a water dripping off, perhaps a tree, into a pond below.
Overall, her music is complete. Listening to Little Green Bud is like devouring a three course, gourmet meal through your ears. And yet, you want to dance, as hearty and full as it is. Prepare to unbutton the metaphorical pants and let the auditory belly hang out. Paint me impressed.
Rating: 9.8/10
MP3:Chloe Charles “Progression”
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