Christian Prommer: Drumlesson Zwei

Christian Prommer: Drumlesson Zwei
When Munich-based drummer, Christian Prommer released Drumlesson Vol. 1 in 2008, I am sure he had no idea what a great success it would be. The album was composed of jazz covers of classic techno and electronica songs. The album was praised by critics and fans alike. Even the artists Prommer covered gave the album stellar reviews. Riding high on the album’s success, Prommer recorded his second installation, Drumlesson Zwei.
Drumlesson Zwei opens with a cover of Carl Craig‘s “Sandstorms”. The track is re-imagined from its classic Detroit techno sound to a subdued jazz number. The track utilizes Wurlitzer electric piano to round out the arrangement.
Arrangements on the album stay generally subdued, usually residing in the genres of bossa nova or chill out. The first time the album really picks up is with “Jaguar (Part Two)”, a cover of DJ Rolando‘s “Knights of the Jaguar”. The track utilizes techo-esque synths but rounds it out with live drums, bass, and acoustic guitars to keep the album’s smooth jazz feel.
Overall, the album is interesting but it feels a little one note. Techno songs often are lauded for being too repetitive, so this album tends to fall into the same criticism. Even though there is some great musicianship being exhibited, it can get lost by playing the same basic riffs over and over again. The album is probably a good album to put on and zone out to but under tough scrutiny it gets boring very quickly.
Rating: 5.3/10
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