Circe Link and The Discount Candy Family Band: California Kid

circelinkCirce Link and The Discount Candy Family Band: California Kid
Blackwings Multimedia released Circe Link’s 6th album California Kid on September, 14th. This is my first time listening to anything by Link. She has called her work previously ” Cowboy Jazz”, but on California Kid tried to expand her sound. Still, I find “Cowboy Jazz” works particularly well.
The opening track “Salvation” does sound like a hybrid of country and jazz. The piano plays with an uptempo, western freeness while the guitars take over where horns usually do the improv. Not to say that the guitars are just being played randomly as they go. But they skip around and don’t get stuck on the same few bars.
Other standout tracks like “Shangriladeeda Farm” have a more bluesy riff to them. Or “Getting High (On Your Own Supply)” where there’s a bit of the funk factor, perhaps even some blues infused there.
Overall, Link has a nice voice. She’s not what I’d consider a natural singer, but she does a good job of leading the songs with her voice. The rest of her music focuses on pianos and guitars and sort of folksy lyrics. Not to say that the album is a bust, but it comes off rather ordinary in the end. I could see success of single tracks being used in soundtracks or commercials. But overall, the album did little more than induce some toe-tapping on my part.
But then again, Link is recognized as “one of L.A.’s most loved independent artists”. So, what do I know living out here in Connecticut. Give a listen to her “Traffic Jam”. If it moves you buy the album. Support the arts. You can’t make music for free.
Rating: 5.9/10
MP3:Circe Link and The Discount Candy Family Band “Traffic Jam”
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