CocoRosie featuring ANOHNI, Big Freedia, Brooke Candy & Cakes Da Killa “End of the Freak Show”

CocoRosie has always been hard to pin down stylistically and by the list of featured artists on their new single “End of the Freak Show,” they’re not making it any easier. First you have the crooning former Antony and the Johnsons singer, ANOHNI. Next you have New Orleans’ queen of bounce, Big Freedia. Then there is the viral pop-rap weirdo Brooke Candy and filling out the line-up is New York’s hip house artist, Cakes da Killa. What you get when you combine this seemingly random set of artists is a spooky season banger. CocoRosie continue down the hip hop path they set out in on Put the Shine On but they haven’t lost their witchiness and it feels like all the other artists are more than happy to play along.

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