Comet Blue “Watch The Sun”

Comet Blue has had a quick uprising onto the music scene. I had first heart this track from a class project in school and after class I walked right up to the presenter to ask about the track. There isn’t too much info about the artist but in the end, it’s the track that matters and this one is the perfect way to start your day/week/vacation. “Watch The Sun” has a very uplifting and positive vibe. The lyrics to me are all about waiting and having patience for the greatest things. Telling us “When the night is done…. Watch the sun come out” is such a great way of telling you to fight through whatever you’re going through because good things are around the corner. Again this might not be what Comet Blue intended but that’s what I’ve taken from it, and as always in art we have our own interpretation to it all. So move over Kygo, Comet Blue is up and coming for that number one spot!

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