Premiere: Croom featuring Allanah Maarteen “Onyx Eyes”

Austin-based producer, Croom is preparing to release his debut album Belladonna on March 1st. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s second single, “Onyx Eyes.”

Featuring Allanah Maarteen, the track features running synth bass over lush pads. Taking its cues from 80s darkwave or more modern proprietors like Ladytron, “Onyx Eyes” is darkly mysterious. It is hard to believe the song almost didn’t make Belladonna. Croom explains “it was always my favorite production but after the original vocalist had to drop out, I was worried it wouldn’t make it onto the album, but after meeting Allanah Maarteen and hearing her interpretation, I was floored and felt it added a really unique sound to the album.”

It is true that the song would be much different with another vocalist. Maarteen has a sad girl aesthetic without sounding disparate. When describing her inspired vocals, Maarteen said “I tried to imagine what Annie Lennox would have sounded like if she were as desperately detached as Ian Curtis.” If that doesn’t sell it, I don’t know what will.

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