Premiere: Cult of Riggonia “Dwell Neo Dwell”

On October 28th, Cult of Riggonia will release their debut album, Nematode Rodriguez Presents. The album is to be released on Cloud Records which is run by former Olivia Tremor Control‘s John Fernandes. That information isn’t particularly important until you hear the album’s lead single “Dwell Neo Dwell.” Between the mumbled lyrics, the chorus of recorders, and disjointed drumbeat, this seems like something that even the Flaming Lips would think is out there. Because of the instrumentation that might traditionally be thought of as children’s play toys and the lack of precision they seem to played with, the track seems like it could have been made by a first grade class. But there is a thin line between maniacal and innocent that “Dwell Neo Dwell” walks, a line between leftfield and catchy as hell. It takes a lot more than a first grade mind to walk a line so fine and Cult of Riggonia does it in the most apt way possible.

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