Cut Copy: Zonoscope

Cut Copy: Zonoscope
Melbourne, Australia quartet, Cut Copy first received critical acclaim for their 2004 debut album, Bright Like Neon Love. Their sophomore album, In Ghost Colours continued their critical success but added commercial success with the album reaching number one on the Australian charts. The band seeks to continue their critical and commercial accomplishments with their third album, Zonoscope.
It’s hard not to compare Cut Copy to Australia’s other preeminent dance group, The Avalanches. There are obviously big differences between the two groups; The Avalanches are a sample-based collective while Cut Copy is more of a indie pop band with dance beats. Where the two are similar are in making their albums feel like one continuous mix.
Zonoscope feels like a journey through an Australian summer. The album begins with “Need You Now” which starts off with a bouncing synth bass line before adding an almost primal beat featuring some traditional Australian percussion. The track adds Dan Whitford’s wispy pop vocals and an arena-sized chorus to complete the combo.
But on Zonoscope now song truly ever ends, it just morphs into the next song. The album bounces between moods seamlessly; from the 80s-drench grooves of “Pharaohs & Pyramids” to the modern dancefloor banger “Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution”, the group transitions while never dropping the beat.
That is what makes Zonoscope so appealing. The album can literally be put on and left alone with no need to change tracks. Even the album’s worst tracks are still passable in the context of the album. It’s the closest thing to a perfect album to come out of Australia since The Avalanches.
Rating: 8.5/10
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