Cy Dune: No Recognize

cy dune, no recognizeCy Dune: No Recognize
Some music has a certain intensity that brings out something animalistic in people. It’s a primal feeling; they want to dance –or just kind of move around. It’s music that energizes the spirit. Cy Dune‘s new EP, No Recognize is music that energizes the spirit. Cy Dune is a blues rock project born from the psychedelic/garage/experimental rock band Akron/Family. At first glance, finding out about the Akron/Family roots might leave someone thinking that Cy Dune is going to be some sort of acoustic guitar, folk inspired psychedelic trip. Not so much; far from actually.

The first single off No Recognize is also the first to violate your ears. “Where the Wild Things,” is gnarly. Heavy, distorted guitars blast through your speakers and suddenly everything gets a little better, a little more exciting. It soon hits you: everything here is kind of distorted–little bit fuzzy–and it works. Cy Dune continues jamming with some sort of furious energy through track two, and then things wind down. Everything is slower and it’s a chance to catch your breath.

Unfortunately, No Recognize is an EP. It’s the ultimate bummer. Cy Dune is that good that you want more. The third track, entitled “No Recognize” is slower. It’s fitting because at this point in the listen, it becomes apparent that Cy Dune’s time is almost up and things get worse after that! It’s a slippery slope, track four is like an intermission. Luckily, there’s still some music left and track six returns to the original wild feel that kicked things off. “Yellin'” is a relatively short conclusion to No Recognize and it kind of feels like a tease. The initial thump of the drums like some sort of industrial machine followed by that good ol’ distortion feels like it’s giving you a taste of something to come –but there’s nothing there. This is the end of the line, and No Recognize is finished but it was enjoyable while it lasted.

Enough with the play by play. Cy Dune is good and anyone who’s a fan of garage rock, blues rock, or any kind of rock should probably check out No Recognize. High energy, high distortion guitars bring you in and leave you begging for more. On the downside, it’s just an EP, and while that’s really nothing to complain about… C’mon Cy Dune, did you really have to tease everyone like that?

Rating: 8/10
MP3: Cy Dune “Where the Wild Things”
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  • Cy dune says:

    Like to Move!

    Cydune full length out in sept —> will send it to you!!!

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