Premiere: Cyphered Threads: Human Observations In Space Time

Cyphered Threads is the musical ensemble of performance artist Kika Von Klück. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their new album Human Observations In Space Time ahead of its October 28th release.

The 12 tracks of Human Observations In Space Time, explore a wide variety of genres and themes. “Falter” and “Shine” are instrumentals with elements of ambient and synth pop. Both are vaguely reminiscent of M83. In between those tracks is “Homer’s Daughter,” a guitar-centered ballad exploring feminist archaeology. Deeper on the album, tracks like “Uni” recall art-punk poets like Patti Smith.

The wide variety of sounds on the album ensures that there is something for everyone and the lyricism demonstrated by Von Klück is worth meditating on.

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