Dave Stewart: The Blackbird Diaries

dave stewart, the blackbird diaries, eurythmicsDave Stewart: The Blackbird Diaries
In 1976, Dave Stewart met Annie Lennox. The chance encounter set off a musical relationship that would last two decades spanning two bands, The Tourists and more famously, Eurythmics. When Eurythmics first dissolved in 1990, Stewart began working on other projects including solo work and work on soundtracks. The Blackbird Diaries is Stewart’s sixth studio album and his first since 2008’s The Dave Stewart Songbook Vol. 1.
The Blackbird Diaries is unlike anything else Stewart has ever been a part of. Recorded in Nashville at the famous Blackbird Studio, the album sees Stewart collaborate with the likes of The Secret Sisters, Colbie Caillat, Martina McBride, and Stevie Nicks. You might be able to tell from the list of collaborators or by the recording locale, that The Blackbird Diaries is a little bit country.
While the country influence is pervasive throughout the album, the type of country often fluctuates. Opening track “So Long Ago” has a solid blues-garage feel ala White Stripes mixed with the country twang of John Mellencamp. This combination leads to a kick-ass country anthem sound.
Much less successful are tracks like “Cheaper Than Free.” The male/female duet is a country power-ballad that sounds both dated and corny, a lethal combination.
Unfortunately, the album is pretty equally split between anthems and power ballads. The mix proves for a fairly mediocre album despite strong technical elements.
Rating: 4.9/10
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