Deltron 3030 “Melding Of The Minds (A-Plus Remix)”

It is interesting to hear A-Plus discuss his new remix of Deltron 3030‘s “Melding of the Minds.” On his official soundcloud, he says “after doing the Que and Meek Mill remixes, I wanted to remix an artist that was more in the vein of the kind of hip hop that I do” which sounds almost like a diss to the more mainstream artist’s he has remixed. Sure, doing a Meek Mill remix is going to get ears on your soundcloud but to then tacitly admit that in a blurb for another remix is sure to rub some the wrong way.

As for the remix itself, A-Plus puts himself in the awkward place of remixing a track produced by Dan the Automator. The task to equal or surpass Automator proves to be too great for A-Plus who puts a unique spin on the track making it an interesting listen but it ultimately feels inconsequential compared to the original.

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