Premiere: The Digital Wild “Wait” (official music video)

Austin, TX, trio The Digital Wild are preparing to release their new EP, Tall As Trees. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the video for the EP’s latest single “Wait.” The dynamic synth-pop song bounces between smokey verses and upbeat chorus filled with shimmering synths. The video reflects this by splices scenes of positivity and negativity as Chelsea Seth Woodward sings “wait wait wait this is my favorite part” and later implores the listener to “stay in this moment.” It’s an universal message of remembering the highs to get through the lows but the composition of the video makes it interesting to watch.

Being from Austin, the Digital Wild will be playing several shows for SXSW:
March 12 – Austin Town Hall Party – Hotel Vegas – 9:15pm
March 14 – Locals Appreciation Party – Hard Luck Lounge – 12:00pm
March 16 – Wreckroom Records Party – Arlyn Studios – 5:00pm
March 16 – Loophole Management Showcase – The Continental Club – 11:00pm
March 17 – KLBJ Showcase – Shady Grove – 6:00pm

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