Diver Through “Vials”

On September 9th, Brooklyn band, Diver Through will release their new album, All Nighter. The latest single from the album is “Vials.” Melodically, the song owes a little to Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train” while incorporating elements of shoegaze and jangle pop.

Singer/songwriter, Michael Baynes explains the concept of the song, “My father died in 2020 and when he was cremated they said they could put his ashes in little baggies so you could put them in different places. That sounded good to me and then they asked me how many baggies I wanted I just said 10 because who’s ever thought about that? It just sounded like a good number of baggies of ashes. It became a joke later because I literally couldn’t think of 10 places my Dad would like to go. He was a stay at home kind of guy. He invented social distancing. I made that into a song where it’s a lover going on a grieving road trip spreading the ashes of their dead lover using that same concept.”

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