Premiere: Diving at Dawn “The Humbling Of A Good Man”

Pete Hobbs from the Boy Least Likely To is announcing his new solo project, Diving at Dawn. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere his debut single, “The Humbling Of A Good Man.”

Working remotely with FAME’s Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra via Skype, the song features lush strings and vocal harmonies giving “The Humbling Of A Good Man” an epic feel. Filled with melancholy, the track finds “the protagonist at the end of a journey, the end of a dream, crash landing back into suburbia and trying to make sense of where he’s been and what’s to come” says Hobbs. The song does offer hope through self-assuredness and quiet reserve. The song isn’t mournful for what is lost but accepting of it–a lesson we could all use.

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