Dizzy: U Feelin Dizzy Yet?

By Ana Gonzalez

It’s albums like this where I wish I were as ill with prose and as well-respected as Big Ghost so I could properly tear this artist apart while garnering even more respect in the rap game due to the extreme accuracy of my critiques (see list of “10 Softest Rappers in the Game”). Alas, I am but a mere Big Ghost fan and can therefore only do my human best relaying to my readers the complete lack of originality of Dizzy’s newest album, U Feelin Dizzy Yet?

The best way to describe this album is as a distillation of every mainstream hip hop song on the radio right now. Every single backing track, every single effect, every single hook, every single trite cliché has been taken, as if through osmosis, from the popular rap playlists of the past 5 years and mixed into a meal of synthetically sweet songs and lame attempts at grime. Not only is Dizzy not doing anything original with these methods of productions and their resulting songs, but he doesn’t even bother to do something even vaguely interesting with his flow or the content of his lyrics. Every verse is rapped in simple rhythmic patterns, and every lyric sounds like I’ve heard it before. There is nothing poetic or endearing about telling everyone in overused terms about your ascent past the haters to the throne of gilded rhymes on which you now reside. It makes you sound like a lamer version of T.I., Dizzy, and that is something I never thought possible.

A great example of the overall tedium that is U Feelin Dizzy Yet? is the track, “I Can’t Hear You,” which, with this taunting hook and major key, sounds more like a rap adaptation of a nursery rhyme or the opposite of a Kidz Bop song than an inspiring tale of conquering one’s critics and becoming a better artist.

One thing for which I can admire Dizzy is the fact the he is from, of all places for hip hop to originate, Alberta, Canada. His existence is about as likely as Kanye West naming his next child Edmond or Glee not making me want to vomit. I appreciate the fact that Dizzy has made enough waves from the great white north to have blogs like this writing about him. However, that is more a result of the overarching power of hip hop as a lifestyle and artistic movement and cannot excuse the absolute dribble that Dizzy is trying to pass off as rap. Please, sir, listen to something other than Top 40 radio before recording next time. It might do you some serious good.

Rating: 2.5/10

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