Djustin: Tryst

Djustin’s debut album, Tryst, not only brings creative sound, but also friendship at the heart of their music. Indeed, Sweden and America’s newest collaboration met over the power of the Internet; what followed was streams of letters, the foundation of a musical masterpiece and a budding friendship.

However, this is not the first step in their musical careers for Swedish Johan Angergård and Michigan-based Rose Suau. Whilst Angergård has found success in a number of bands including Acid House Kings, Suau has been a part of the popular indie band, Shoestrings.

Together, Angergård and Suau have an unmatchable bond of creativity and innovation. Tryst is an album of five tracks that each promise to bring exciting atmosphere to any situation, with the electrifying combination of Angergård thrilling beats and Suau’s captivating vocals. Slick synths and pumping beats meet both gentle and powerful vocals that carry force and meaning. The flicker between Angergård’s undertones and Suau’s strong lyrics in ‘Concrete’ creates thoughtful tones, whilst the catchy and gripping rhythms of ‘Stars’, with its carefully disjointed vocals, makes the track difficult to move on from.

Each track follows a different pattern of synths and electronic sounds, whilst Suau’s vocals diversify regular throughout: a sweet reminder of the experimental individuals behind this project. The album can be played at full volume with thousands of people, or with just a few friends on a quiet evening – both with the same tantalising effect on the listeners. There is something haunting, yet spellbinding, about Suau’s vocals; this, paired with Angergård’s mesmerising beats, dips and twists, offers something quite unforgettable about Tryst.

Rating: 8.0/10

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