Dominique Larue: The Sam Jackson Project

Dominique Larue: The Sam Jackson Project
Columbus, Ohio’s Dominique Larue has a strong voice and a legitimate flow. In fact, the only thing with more bad ass on her album The Sam Jackson Project might be the Samuel L. Jackson samples taken from the many roles he’s played over the years.
If there is one thing that Dominique should be considered, it is the real deal as a rapper. The focus of the album is obviously to incorporate Sam Jackson lines throughout, but at no time does it seem that the album is a concept album. Each track is a separate demonstration of Dominique’s prowess as not just a female, but a rapper.
For me, the standout track has to be “We Are” which features M-Dot and Revalation. Dominique shares the stage here with two male performers, one of which is a Surviving the Golden Age favorite in M-Dot. Not only is the track geared so that Dominique has most of the vocals, but neither M-Dot or Revalation outdo her. That is not to say that they played down for her benefit, but that at their best they complimented each other.
“Lakeview Terrace” is a hard hip hop track with scratching that shows Dominique is no pushover. Even at under 2 minutes, the track shows Larue belongs in rap. Most of the other tracks on the album sample horns, and strings – it plays off of orchestral samples much the way that famous rappers like Jay-Z have been known to be – but even when the music follows more of a hip hop feel with the drums and samples, Dominique Larue shines.
A bit short at only 26 minutes, The Sam Jackson project feels like a quick hello and goodbye from Dominique Larue but it’s a hello and goodbye that leave me waiting to hear more. Unsure what to make of this album when I looked at the cover, I’m sure glad I got the opportunity to listen to it. You can’t judge an album by its cover, and Dominique Larue has made sure of it.
Rating: 9.3/10
MP3: Dominique Laure “We Are featuring M-Dot and Revalation”
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