Premiere: Dr. Danny “Walk On Water” (Official Music Video)

On January 5th, Dr. Danny released his album, Nothing But Love. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere his new music video for “Walk on Water.”

With an acoustic guitar backbone and lush vocal harmonies, “Walk on Water” is reminiscent of 60s pop stalwarts like The Byrds or the Turtles. As the title suggests, the video has some supernatural elements. It depicts Dr. Danny in the afterlife. Danny explains “After passing early on in his life, he embarks on a celestial journey through the heavens with Toshi the pilgrim as a mentor. Mr Ayala is very thankful to know that he stills remembers that beautiful face and sweet voice of a loved one back on planet Earth.” The message of the song and the video Danny says is “all the memories shared are eternal.” A beautiful lesson for a beautiful song.

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