Dripping Slits: Short Skirts & Long Nights

Dripping Slits: Short Skirts & Long Nights
Born of the punk scene in central Illinois that gave us The Forecast and Scouts Honor, comes Dripping Slits. The quartet showcase their blend of hardcore and punk on their new album, Short Skirts & Long Nights.
While Dripping Slits may come from the central Illinois scene, their contemporaries are much more sparse. The band’s screamy vocals remind me of Polar Bear Club while their musical blend of garage rock and punk is similar to The Hives.
The album’s opening track “Mischief” is built around a badass riff that sounds like something off of BushSixteen Stone except much faster. It is similar to New Bomb Turks in its relentless pace and garage punk ethos.
The relentless pace does not let up for almost the entire album. Where the pace final does fail is on the album’s last track, “Bastard Son.” The track has a stoner metal pace that really feels out of place in the context of the album.
With the exception of the album’s closer, Short Skirts & Long Nights is actually a pretty good album. The album’s tracks do sometimes sound very similar to one another but such is the problem with garage punk. In the context of the genre, Dripping Slits really know what they are doing.
Rating: 8.3/10
MP3: Dripping Slits “Mischief”
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