Everydayz & Phazz featuring Krystle Warren “Almeria”

Last year my ears were enamored by Everydayz and Phazz’ amazing “Almeria.” The superb synth based song somehow managed to strike the balance between heavy hitting and chilled out, which had me obsessed. Now I’m stoked to say that the duo is back with a new take on the tune, this time with help up Krystle Warren’s entrancing vocals. The track’s sublime synths remain almost untouched, but the devilish textures on Warren’s vocals are where this redux really shines. Playing with pitch and having fun with bizarre filters, Everydayz and Phazz meld the vocals into an otherworldly ode. Check out the tune, and if you dig what you hear you can find two other reworking of “Almeria” here.

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