Premiere: Everything Everything “Night Of The Long Knives (KOALAS Remix)”

At the end of 2017, Koalas released their double A-side single “Lover”/”Two Loves.” The tracks laid out their frenetic synth-pop style. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their first release of 2018, a remix of Everything Everything “Night Of The Long Knives.”

Koalas’ Samuel Jones said “‘Night of the Long Knives’ was my favourite track off of A Fever Dream so it was great to really get the chance to pull it apart and look at it’s insides. Remixes are always fun as, to me, they bypass the option paralysis of a blank canvas and present opportunities to do something outside your usual methods.” In this case, Koalas build tension within the track by adding female harmonies and atonal synth lines. It’s not the obvious route for the remix but it works surprisingly well.

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