Feuding Fathers: Kid Tested, Father Approved

feuding-fathers-kid-tested-father-approvedRock and Roll!… Got pretty boring several recycled chord progressions ago. Luckily, those of us looking to satisfy our thirst for something more have the more musically inclined (that is to say, time signature obsessed) math-rock genre to turn to and with it, Feuding Fathers. “What’s that?” you ask? Feuding Fathers is the name of an Austin, Texas math-rock duo. Their newest release is called Kid Tested, Father Approved.

The album opens strong with a track called, “Brass Knuckles.” A slow guitar crescendo is joined by a set of drums, and then another guitar –seems pretty standard but as the vocals come in, and each layer of sound is built, you find yourself getting more excited for what’s to come. The same guitar melodies ring throughout the song as the vocals provide an additional lofty layer of texture. By the time the song comes to an abrupt end, you find yourself already consumed by Feuding Fathers.

If you were to dissect Kid Tested, Father Approved you’d find five solid songs that do their absolute best to get you to say, “Damn that’s good,” after listening to them. For instance, the third track, “Pre Med,” starts as assaulting bursts of sound and then quickly turns into an energetic flurry of drum hits and evolving guitar melodies.

One of the greatest parts of the entire EP however, and maybe the band’s own work, are the vocals. They’ve already been recognized a couple times, but with good reason. A lot of similar bands love to add some singing to their songs. That’s fine, but sometimes it can be too much. Feuding Fathers has somehow managed to master the use of the human voice. Without being disruptive, the vocals add just the right amount of substance to the songs, acting as their own instrument.

Kid Tested, Father Approved is easily one of the better composed EPs out there. Each track flows nicely into the next and from start to finish, the listener is engulfed in math-rock goodness. Admittedly there are times that you may find yourself wishing for something a bit different. While each song is surely different, Feuding Fathers has a fairly distinct sound their latest EP. It’s not that everything sounds the same, but for an EP you’d hope for a little more variety.

Fast guitars, loud drums, and soaring vocals –what more could you ask for? Feuding Father’s new EP, Kid Tested, Father Approved, is pretty damn good. Song after song will have you asking for more. Overall, perhaps it could be said that Kid Tested, Father Approved is Reviewer Tested, StGA Approved.

Rating: 7.0/10

MP3: Feuding Fathers “Pre Med”
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