Fools Gold Records 6 Year Anniversary Party

fools-gold-records-6-year-anniversary-partyFools Gold Records celebrated 6 years of being a innovator and tastemaker across the worlds of indie electronic and hip hop music last Friday. Under the direction of legendary DJ A-trak and Nick Catchadubs, the label as grown from a small local outfit to a worldwide lifestyle brand.

The party was in an industrial warehouse deep into Brooklyn, but the line was still out the door and tickets were sold out. A lineup featuring Party Supplies, Bodega Bamz, World’s Fair, and the southern rap mainstay Juvenile drew crowds from across the boroughs.

World’s Fair represented with some real New York hip hop. With 5 guys on stage the energy was crazy as they performed “This is It”

Surprise guests included Chinx Drugs and Flatbush Zombies. Chinx had the whole crowd singing “fuck your feelings” while the zombies performed bits off their D.R.U.G.S. mixtape to an increasingly rowdy crowd.

Between sets, A-trak threw tshirts into the eager crowd, an DJ sets kept the street hip hop vibe going.

Bodega Bamz was a huge hit, with about 20 of his boys singing every word and waving tan flags up in the VIP. Bamz performed his mixtape tracks, and ended with a track which is getting lots of radio play around NYC: Don Francisco. To add to the performance, he came out waving the Dominican and Puetro Rican flags.

The night ended with Juvenile performing, and his souther rap classics fit the vide perfectly. Him and his crew didn’t miss a beat, filling time between songs with jokes and admiration for Brooklyn. “I’ve never performed here so it’s an honor Brooklyn – home of Biggie Smalls!”.

When Juvenile performed his crossover hit “Back that Ass up” everything exploded.

The night wound down with some trap music sets by a crew dressed entirely in camouflage, and one would expect. People kept turning up until at 4am when the party finally shut down.

With a lineup like this – crossing genre, bringing hip hop and electronic together – it’s not surprising Fools Gold has been so successful. Plus, they know how to throw a killer party. No doubt they will be in Brooklyn for at least 6 more years, putting out music that both expands genres and explodes in clubs worldwide.

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