ForeverAtLast: Ghosts Again

When a female-fronted rock band emerges the general consensus is to immediately draw comparisons to the pop rock powerhouse Paramore. Though the Indiana-based post-hardcore outfit ForeverAtLast, equipped with potent and swift chords as well as the melodious vocal capabilities of lead Brittany Paris, is more akin to the likes of Sent by Ravens.

Following their 2012 full-length February to February, ForeverAtLast have come back swinging with Ghosts Again. The group’s debut album had been laced with the frontwoman’s guttural scream, yet the sophomore release trades in these deep brooding tones in favor of faster paced lyrics that are entirely sung.

The opening track “Shoreline” sets the premise of the album, as a theme of harmonic blending becomes apparent. Guitar and bass, manned by Jordan Vickers and Ezekiel Vasquez respectively, combine with the vocals of Paris and the beat provided by Jared Paris on drums, to form a cohesive four-piece moving in unison. The strings maneuver to match the power and support the timbre of the lyrics. A drawback to this being that the approach creates predictability in the musical format: the electrics are unable to perform solo work and are expected to conform to and complement the vocals.

“One and the Same” plays with the technique of word painting: as the lyrics “Is it hiding something we can’t see?” enter in, instrumentals fade out, they themselves going into hiding. Whilst “Ghost in the Attic” uses a dynamical change, increasing the volume and strength, in order to bring attention to the chorus with lyrics pertaining to searching for one’s self (perhaps in a religious light).

A definite improvement from the band’s previous work, Ghosts Again smoothly flows with catchy hooks and driving instrumentals. The energetic and harmonious release is certain to ensure that ForeverAtLast will not be becoming ghosts anytime soon.

Rating: 8.2/10

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