Foxygen “Cosmic Vibrations”

After releasing a pop song as perfect as the Fleetwood Mac-inspired “How Can You Really,” it was about time Foxygen bring our expectation back down to earth about their upcoming album. “Cosmic Vibrations” is not a bad song per se but it is a fucking weird song. Starting off as pure noise, the track halts to a sudden calm with just an unplugged electric guitar and a voice that sounds like a 45 being spun at 33rpm. The vocals quickly switch to the airy falsetto that many associate with Foxygen for the chorus then bounce back to the Glen Danzig meets Jim Morrison baritone for the next verse. Just as the seesaw becomes too much, “Cosmic Vibrations” turns into a ? and the Mysterians-style outro complete with back female “sha na na” vocals. It is quite the trip like only Foxygen can take you on.

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