Frank B. “Frankenstein” (prod. by Dame Grease)

Brooklyn-based emcee, Frank B. just dropped his new single, “Frankenstein.” In the song’s first line, B. claims “this the death of mumble.” While I wouldn’t go that far, it is clear that the rapper grew up on late 90s/early 00s New York hip hop. First, the song is produced by Dame Grease who is best known for working with The Lox, DMX, and Max B. Second, Frank B.’s voice and cadence are reminiscent of New York legends like Ill Bill or Cage while his lyrics are a little more playful a la Cam’ron or Jada. Lines like “terrorists register this/I don’t care where your ice is (isis)” shows his ability for in rhymes and unique wordplay. While he might not kill mumble rap, he makes a compelling case for annunciation.

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