French Horn Rebellion: Foolin’ Around EP

Sibling duo French Horn Rebellion have returned with a seven-track EP which seems promising at first, but quickly proves itself as just another attempt at “indie dance”, and not even a genuine one at that. Its brassy instrumentals and electronic vocals are interesting, but only in the most cursory sense of the word. The EP leans on lyrical repetition, which makes it catchy but also void of any real substance, and songs like “Classical Baby” and “Foolin’ Around” will only make the listener wonder when it starts to get good. Unfortunately, it never does – “Feel The Music” is probably the most notable track, and with its overly synthed-out chorus played on a loop, that’s not saying much. “Won You Over” is a slow build to nothing, but no matter the tempo, Foolin’ Around is entirely forgettable. It’s background music, the kind playing in a giant clothing store while you focus on something just as trivial but arguably more compelling.

Playing it safe is the number-one factor in any artist’s downfall, and it’s afflicted French Horn Rebellion with scathing immediacy. At no point does the EP deviate from its easygoing pop vibe, and ultimately it turns the band’s energy into a dull sensation at best. Where there should be peaks and valleys, we instead get flat planes of sound and no real passion behind any note played. It all adds up to what could have been a real game changer for fan and artist alike, but as of right now, we’re only left to speculate on what could have been.

It goes without saying that Robert and David Patrick-Molinari should be commended for introducing the French horn and bassoon to such an unlikely musical setting, but their best intentions fall short of a lasting impression. Their songs aren’t offensive or grotesque, just disappointing – French Horn Rebellion as a concept could be really great, but the execution simply isn’t all the way there. For what it’s worth, the songs do flow very well, but it isn’t enough to make an EP that’s considered melodious and nothing else. Foolin’ Around fails to push itself to its limits, and because of that it never realizes its full potential.

Rating: 3.5/10

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