Get Scared: Demons

The only scary aspect of the post-hardcore outfit Get Scared is how terrifyingly good their latest release Demons turns out to be. Returning with a hint of metalcore, the five-piece from Utah have created their heaviest, as well as most refined and captivating, album to date.

Right out of the gate vocalist Nicholas Matthews unleashes a maniacal scream to start off “Buried Alive.” The driving force behind each pound of the drums carries a tone of power: newfound strength rings out through the lyrics of “Rose from the ashes like the set of the sun.” Newfound is the precise word: for it is evident that the members have passed over some turbulent events in recent years. The grim track “Addict” reverberates the hook “No, don’t tell me I’m all right/ it seems the more I fall, the less I come alive.”

Get Scared can be seen channeling some Black Veil Brides with “The Devil’s in the Details,” complete with the furious riffs and glam rock-styled backing vocal chants. Effortlessly mastering both clean and unclean, Matthews’ vocal capabilities steal the spotlight not only in the aforementioned track, yet also throughout the entirety of Demons. Transitioning from an intense howl to a soft croon in the next line, the album’s titular track serves as a prime example of frontman’s skill.

Fast-paced guitars are interlaced into “Relax, Relapse:” which culminates to a sharp breakdown with cutting rhythmic licks. Whilst “Second Guessing” plays out with a lighter feel: a simple piano cascades into the verses accompanied by the delicate pluck of strings. The only low point of the eleven tracks would have to be “Take a Bow.” The disjointed chorus, although containing an emotional message, feels awkward and fits poorly with the hardened instrumentals.

The only criticism that can be found for “R.I.P” is that it sadly brings Demons to a close. Despite the one hiccup, the album flows smoothly from start to finish with a fantastic blend of roaring chords and dynamic vocals. As Get Scared progressively get more proficient with each release, until the next masterpiece is produced “How will we rest in peace?”

Rating: 9.0/10

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